Don’t be mistaken – email marketing is alive and well and a superior way to communicate with potential leads and customers and promote your brand and increase sales. An exceptional email campaign is targeted to inform, educate and/or entertain the user to further influence their continued engagement with your brand.

The foundation of a successful email marketing strategy includes:

  • Mobile-Optimized – An email campaign must be mobile-optimized to be effective.  Did you know that 81% of smartphone users say email is the most popular activity they use their phone for?
  • Email List Segmentation – List segmentation is key to determine if you can successfully send the right person the right message at the right time.
  • Personalization – 94% of businesses say personalization is critical to their current and future success, and for a good reason. Not only has personalization been shown to increase email engagement significantly, but it’s the more human way to communicate.
  • Landing Pages That Entice – Once we get the end user to click on ‘learn more’ – they need to land on a page which is targeted to what your final goal is – whether it’s sharing more product information or simply collecting user data, which can potentially be a new lead for your business. Lead generation is an essential part of any email strategy.
  • Contact Database Connection – Each email campaign should be connected to a contact database that tracks both the qualities and behaviors of your contacts. That information is so important for segmentation and personalization, two of the foundational themes of email marketing.
  • Analyzation – You should also have the ability to analyze the success of each email campaign. At a minimum, though, you’ll want to track deliverability, engagement and ROI of your individual emails and the channel as a whole.

We can develop creative and strategically timed email campaigns to keep your business “top of mind” and convert new prospects into leads and eventually customers.  It’s all about the ROI and we will provide comprehensive reporting on who, how and when your emails were opened, who clicked for more info and converted as well those who may have decided to opt out.

Are you ready to reach out to your prospects and customers and turn them into loyal, raving fans?